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Since starting out, I have decided to take on a new direction with my blogging site and create an online fine art gallery for my artwork, and establish an online store where people can purchase custom made fine art photographic prints, wall art, and a few other products with my images on them.

About My Art: My artwork is as eclectic as I am and always of a personal nature to me.

I want to tell stories about my observations, experiences and interactions that I have with the world around me, and therefore you will find diversity in my subject matter.

I’m particularly fascinated with Nature, Australian Indigenous Wild Life and Plants, everyday People, Places which have a rich historical value, and even more contemporary lifestyle habitats.

For me as an artist, it’s all about exploring the essence of something and capturing a piece of it, then bringing something new to a body of work with my own unique viewpoint and interpretation……… Ruth Valasini

Currently you can purchase all available items in my product range directly from my online Gallery selection, my online stores through authorised agents Redbubble and Fine Art America, or as a custom order directly from me. Please note that some products are only available exclusively via each option.

My Product Range

  • Fine Art Photographic Prints (Matted, Museum quality fine art paper, Giclee or loose)
  • Canvas
  • Wall Art
  • iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Covers
  • iPadCovers
  • Greeting Cards and Postcards
  • Bedroom & Bedding (Duvet Covers, Pillow Cases & Throw Rugs)

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