Autumn Leaf © Ruth Valasini 2013

Seasons add flavor and variety to life. They provide us with opportunities for character building and growth.

Seasons are nature’s way of breaking down certain aspects of life into bite size chunks making things more manageable throughout the various cycles of a year.

Seasons within themselves are a representation of the cycle of life itself.


You can say that the cycles of Seasons are a constant but we know through experience they too are ever changing. Even in the midst of any given season, you can expect at anytime small shifts or major unannounced changes in the weather.

Life is about living and surviving through various seasons.  Without seasons where would we be?

You have your storms. You have your sunny days. But rest assured between the two there is much more color and variety in between.

Like seasons, relationships also provide opportunities to grow and build character. Love and relationships are one of life’s amazing gift’s to us.

Even though love is abundant and free it still requires effort on our part.  It requires of you to gift it and receive it daily. When it comes to the matters of the heart, love passion and romance are what puts you on a massive high and makes life worth living.

Most nearly everyone wants to feel loved. Being swept up into a whirlwind of love and romance is a ride that wants to be enjoyed and is desired by most, but it seems, today more than ever people want to experience the highs yet bail at the first sign of a cloud.

A bit of turbulence appears presenting itself under the guise of problem, and yet failure to understand it’s nothing more than communication or a bit of effort  that is required to resolve and put aside the problem in order to continue on your journey. In fact it is all part of the journey.

Granted there are times when certain things are unacceptable and we should not tolerate or try to live with them. Those are bigger or major issues are of more importance that just requires a bit more effort or soul searching before making a decision then acting upon it.

Love is organic and not about logic…if anything it defies it in all its supposed “practical wisdom”. I know of nothing else so enriching and rewarding. Love is the essence of life and what makes it worth living.

You can be assured that whenever you show love, give love or feel love you are most in touch with who you really are inside and at the core of your authentic self.

Love is the one amazing thing that can truly provide a constant in your life. Knowing you have Love inside of you, to give yourself and share with others, to bond with and to create meaningful connections daily no matter what!

Without experiencing Sadness, Loss or some kind of Hardships we could not fully appreciate and cherish all the Love, good moments and blessings we have in our life.

When you really think about it, the magnitude of a human heart is a pretty amazing. It has the ability to move mountains, to be broken, to heal and then renew itself only to come back bigger, better and stronger than ever! That in itself is powerful.

You cannot:
Cherish JOY without experiencing SADNESS .
Value LOVE without recognizing the effects of HATE.
Enjoy GOOD TIMES without having lived through times of HARDSHIP.
Feel GRATITUDE for what you have without experiencing LOSS.

All these elements are the various seasonal parts of life to be embraced. They are a part of life. Learn from the not so enjoyable experiences because that’s where growth comes from and the value of gratitude is most appreciated.


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