Human Condition

The human condition is a complex and broad subject encompassing various fields of study such as the study of; Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and various other subfields relating to the unique features of being human and the overall human qualities we poses irrespective of a persons religious or cultural background.

One of those characteristics is our body language and emotion. Universally we all understand and are able to recognise things like fear or happiness, when expressed in an individual.

Fear © Ruth Valasini 2013

Fear – © Ruth Valasini 2013

Often interpreting emotions or body language can be confusing and should be considered within the context of an overall scenario to more accurately determine things correctly. With these images , I have tried to explore and capture a few of the more better-recognised and undeniably understood emotions.

Joy © Ruth Valasini 2013

Joy – © Ruth Valasini 2013

Joy is one of those emotions that is experienced and can be expressed in a number of different ways ranging from a doing something simple as eating an ice-cream, playing the guitar and smiling or even expressed through crying out tears of joy.


Love © Ruth Valasini 2013

Love is an embrace, a certain way you look at someone can be communicated with a simple gesture.

Sadness © Ruth Valasini 2013

Sadness © Ruth Valasini 2013

Sadness can be temporary and mild or deeply worrying, but regardless the depth or degree of sadness is too an easily recognised expression.

Managed properly anger is useful and normal emotion to experience. Interestingly enough it can range from something mild such as annoyance or intensify ino a fit of rage.

Anger (© Ruth Valasini 2013)

Anger (© Ruth Valasini 2013)

Exploring and capturing these images has been somewhat of an interesting challenge to try capturing them candidly as they occur. Our emotions are an important aspect of our life and how they affect us in our real world, but to an artist they are equally important in helping to convey a mood or message in his or her work.


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