Film Noir Inspiration: Femme Fatale

Growing up, I typically favored watching old black & white movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s, over most of the current shows of that time.

Thinking back how captivated by the old classics I was, often staying awake late at night and into the early morning sometimes, just to watch films that weren’t shown during prime time. There was always something especially dramatic, (and even scary at times) about the more darker black and white gangster style movies of that era known as Film Noir.

In this recent project, I photographically explore the subject and style of Film Noir.

Some primary characteristics of that cinematic genre include: Low Key Lighting which is used to create Dark dramatic shadows, A despondent mood with alienation and bleakness, corruption and hard core underworld characters, and typically a villainous femme fatale character.


Femme Fatale © Ruth Valasini

The Femme Fatale archetype is seductive and exudes feminie sexuality. She is mysterious, manipulative and a very dangerous woman who uses her charms to get what she wants and in the process leads her lovers into deadly situations.


Femme Fatale © Ruth Valasini

Despite her ambiguous morals, her magnetic ability to entrance men in bonds of irresistible desire is her ultimate power.


Femme Fatale © Ruth Valasini

The character archetype is in itself another subject to explore. Perhaps another project in the future would be to look at some of the different females who were associated with the “Femme Fatale” label through history and create my own interpretation inspired by them.



3 responses to “Film Noir Inspiration: Femme Fatale

  1. This is very interesting. I like your photographs. They are a kind of film noir in a digital environment. Have you seem the Coan Brothers film “The Man Who Wasn’t There?” Your lighting reminds me so much of that film.

    • 🙂 thank you for stopping by. I have not seen it in full yet, only in snippets. Holiday time is my movie catch-up time. I see your a bit of a buff of the old cassics. They are hard to beat.

      • Well yes I really love the classics. It saddens me that they are not the same these days. I also love world cinema mostly 1960s. And independent America of the 1970s.

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