Cocteau Madness

Philippe Halsman was Russian born, American portrait photographers whose subjects were photographing famous celebrities, artists and writers, but later steered towards producing more surrealist type portraiture and scenes. According to  biography, in the early 1950s Halsmann was named by his colleagues as being one of top 10 photographers around in his time.

More of Philippe Halsman’s work can be seen on his official Website.


Philippe Halsman portrait of a french poet, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, 1949. — Courtesy of Magnum Photos and Life Time online

This is the image of our group Collaborative project that was inspired by Philippe Halsmann’s portrait of Jean Cocteau whose portrait was surrealistic in nature. As a bit of an outlet, we wanted to create something relating to the experiences we as students were have during the course of formal study, and the stresses that are part of an increased workload of assignments.

Initially we discussed including a variety of props that students would use, such as; mobile electronic devices, pencils, books, camera (our tool of trade) and other items of this sort. Further discussions led us down a different path resulting in a slightly different outcome.


Assignment Overload © RuthValasini 2013

One of the goals of this collaborative piece of work was to create the scene in camera with little or no post processing. This was the result with no post processing.


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