Tree Bark Art Abstractions

Tree Bark is a very exciting subject matter to me at the moment. In fact, I’m finding myself retreating out on nature walks a fair bit lately where I have found new inspiration for my “Tree Bark Art” body of photographic works.

This collection explores more intimately all the different surface textures, interesting patterns, and attractive colourations of tree bark, among different species of trees in Australia that I come across on my travel adventures.

Abstract Bark Art 2 Piece Panel

Abstract Bark Art 2 Piece Panel

I began to notice that even among the same species of a tree family found in the one location; each tree has its own set of unique characteristics externally. A bit like people D.N.A in that no two are ever exactly alike.


Interesting Facts I’ve learned About Tree Bark so far: Bark covers inner wood parts of stems and its branches which help to protect the tree from injuries, insects and other diseases. It is in fact skin which at a basic level is made up of both living tissue and dead tissue on the very outer surface.

This living tissue is called the periderm and the dead tissue is called the rhytidome. At a more sophisticated level the bark contains many additional layers in between which make up the overall anatomy or a tree trunk.

 Anyone interested in learning more can visit the Arbor Day Foundation website online as they have an informative tree guide about The Anatomy of a Tree, and provides additional information concerning trees in general. It really is all quiet fascinating.


My Take on Trees: Trees are such an essential part of our life, our well being, and to our overall environment. In fact I find it amazing how most people go about their daily lives without even a thought as to the hard work one tree does in order to provide clean oxygen for us to breath. And yet here we are on a daily basis using items and products derived from wood and bark.

Some of these items are; medicines, spices, food flavorings, resin, latex, a variety of hallucinatory chemicals, poisons, cloth, construction materials, wall and floor coverings and a whole lot more.

Suddenly, tree bark is not such a boring subject after all.To say the least, I have a whole new found appreciation and respect for our trees. Yes they do some pretty amazing things for us and that’s why I stop to consider this subject on deeper level and explore them artistically.


My Philosophy: I believe everything has a special purpose, an important role to play and a place in our Eco system that serves a special function. Nothing is insignificant and contributes to our overall interdependence and co-existence of each other.

Aged so gracefully over hundreds of years, the bark serves a tree so faithfully in the very way it was meant, while underneath the surface a whole lot of finely tuned activities continue to take place, like transporting food and blood for development of that tree so it can maintain a long healthy life.

After all, a tree has its own purpose and is serving an even bigger more important service to us, all the other inhabitants and the rest of our environment.


Visit my “Bark Art” gallery at Fine Art America to view more images in this collection as it grows and learn more about each individual piece. All these images are available for purchase as fine art photographic prints, wall-art, stretched canvas, greeting cards, postcards and as phone covers.



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