Hello world!   :)… I’ve known all along but never had a clue that I’m just a Right brained Girl living in a Left Brained world… But What a Girl!

It only took me the past five years of formal study, which I undertook in an effort to find myself, to work all this out.  But when the penny dropped, WOW! it was like a massive release from within. And so began my artistic  journey and awakening into self discovery, and ultimately the development of my personal style as a creative.

Hey there … I’m Ruth, an Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Emerging Writer and a Photographer.

You could say, “I’m really an all-round creative at heart.”

This blog site started out as an assignment, but  has turned out to be the most beautiful gift for me. It’s my very own little space where I come play, share, dream, write,  and have full creative freedom as my heart desires to explore endlessly.

For me growing up was quiet an emotional and psychological roller-coaster ride. I felt like the ugly duckling who experienced a great deal of trouble fitting in and often wondered what was so different about me.

According to my teachers & my family I wasn’t smart and I certainly wasn’t creative. Based on other people’s opinions around me, the messages I had internalised about myself was that I just wasn’t good enough and that I would have to learn to be more like someone else’s idea of who I should be.

For years I thought there was something wrong with me. Little did I know that I was of a different species and a beautiful swan was desperate to emerge into the world.

A little over 2 years ago I discovered photography while studying Graphic Design. I fell in LOVE immediately and bought an entry-level Cannon 1100D Digital SLR camera, because I wasn’t satisfied with the small point and shoot we were given for assignment work.

This is where my journey into photography began and so did my decision to pursue formal study in Photo Imaging.

One of the reasons I love photography so much is that it encourages me to explore my curiosity of this big beautiful world. It gives me the freedom to intimately connect with my subjects on different levels.

More importantly, it’s about being able to capture what I see from my own unique perspective then communicating it to others, which is an important part of my self-expression.


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